Outstanding Quality

homeWildlife Design differs from ordinary taxidermy in that each piece is created with attention to both artistic composition and anatomical detail. Great care is taken in altering forms to custom-fit the specimen in the desired pose, without compromising anatomical accuracy. We are so confident in the quality of techniques used in preserving your trophies that we guarantee them for a lifetime.*

Exceptional Service

Whether the preference is for a standard wall mount, custom pedestal, or life size diorama, we consult with our clients to design a piece that best enhances the natural beauty of the animal. Hardwood bases are available from a standard selection, or can be custom-designed for your trophy. Delivery and set-up are available; contact us for details.

If planning a hunt outside the US, contact us in advance for free shipping tags and instructions to have your trophies shipped directly to our studio. (USDA approved)

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